Saturday, September 22, 2012

Chronomaly deck profile

So yah i've finaly decided to reveal the project of chronomaly's i'm on so yah enjoy!:

3 Chronomaly Golden Jet
3 Chronomaly Crystal Skull
3 Chronomaly Maoi
1 Chronoamly crystal bones
1 summoner monk
1 vice dragon
1 cyber dragon
1 sangan
2 snowman eater
1 chaos sorcerer
1 Caius
1 honest
1 gorz
1 effect veiler

2 riryoku
1 mini guts
2 forbidden lance
1 pot of duality
2 mystical space typhoon
1 heavy
1 dark hole
1 monster reborn

2 torrential tributes
2 trap stuns
1 fiendish chain
1 magic cylinder
1 mirror force
1 solemn judgement

So i guess i'll do a quick explanation since i'm tired and my head hurts. So the basics you problably realize is that my chronomaly deck is just weird compared to others. Well...It is. My techs and card choices are somewhat random and such but all serve their purpose. My version of the deck only runs one bones because if you have it early game its practicably dead  unless you have some lucky hand so i cut it to two and eventualy one because well i love it late game. another strange choices are the two riryoku and my two trap stuns. riryoku i put in over the other two mini guts because as much as i love mini guts it was ether dead or alive and riryoke just helps out in more universal situations. yah i sometimes wish i had mini guts over this but more often i had it dead. the tech is two trap stuns. most times your just waiting to set up for a rank five and hiding behind an snowman eater and well its just good to have as you rarely get your heavy storm in time.

The MVP's in the Deck are golden jet and snowman eater. Snowman eater is so amazing to just sit behind and laugh at their thunder king and just go off. The other one is golden jet because he is just soooooooo good. with out him i dare say chronomaly's would be almost be unplayable. He baits out the veilers and even if they do just wait till next turn, i'm not the player who wasted their veiler on a star change.

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